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T.O., Bridezilla and the final show of the season

Posted in reality tv, T.O. Show by Fashionjunkie on August 31, 2009
TO Show

TO Show

Well, football season is about to begin and the season finale of the T.O. show was tonight.  I have to admit I really like this show and will miss it when it is gone.  

Mo was a stressed out Bridezilla at the beginning of the show, telling the wedding planner she needed “Latte” colors and everything was wrong at the Bridal rehearsal.   Mo was a total Witch, but yet she expected Kita to participate in her wedding.   Terrell eventually convinces Kita to show up and provided Kita with excellent advice to make her priorities, which consist of Faith, Family and Friends.

When the wedding is about to begin,  Kerry ‘s (Terrell’s female friend) shows up unexpectedly.  Kerry is a beautiful young (I use that word literally) woman.  Terrell does not appear to be Happy or disappointed to see her.  In fact he leaves her in a middle of a conversation to talk to Kita in an effort to stop her from leaving the reception early.

Needless to say, Kita stays at the reception.   Kita and Terrell dance at the reception like they are the Bride and Groom.  I begin to wonder, is there a secret attraction here?  At the end of the wedding Mo calls Terrell and Kita upfront and thanks them for being not only friends, but family.

At the end of the Show, Terrell packs up his L.A pad and moves to Buffalo.   😦


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