Got to be REALity

Let’s go back to High School

5107_102414610779_96027060779_2532098_459357_nLet’s all go back to High School were we get upset that someone does not like us and sometimes looks at us funny!   This is Nene’s reasoning to Lisa about the blowup she had with Kandi and in Nene’s mind she feels that Kandi was the one at fault.  Nene feels  that women are intimidated by her because of her big personality.   Doubt it!

The show was light on Sheree.  Sheree goes to New York to examine her samples that are being completed by her seamstress who is located in the big City.   Now why Sheree cannot find a seamstress in a City as large as Atlanta is causing me complete bewilderment.   Sheree seeks the assistance of Dwight in producing the Fashion Show, because her plate is full and she is somewhat overwhelmed.  (Yes, another show with Dwight.  Bravo cannot have a show without Dwight. ) Dwight provided valuable insight, but Dwight is a DIVA.   Dwight does not understand this is Sheree’s show, not Dwight’s.   Dwight is way too much.

Lisa as usual really does not have a story line, she is just involved in everyone elses story.  Lisa was invited to a co-birthday party for Kim and Kandi, given by Kim.  Lisa has chosen not to attend the Birthday Party because of Kim’s involvement.  Of course, she gossips about this to Nene who was not invited to the party.   

Kandi and AJ discussed her upcoming performance at what appears to be the Tavern at Phipps Plaza.   Kandi is discussing being nervous about her upcoming performance in which her album is to be debut.   Kim finishes Tardy for Party (comical) and Kandi invites her to attend her performance at Tongue and Groove.  Kim is so excited and tells Kandi that she will be there to provide support.

Kim debuts Tardy for the Party at her birthday party and also flashes a ginormous Diamond ring that Big Poppa gave her prior to dropping her off at the party.   Kim tells her guest she is engaged, but her fiance did not come into the party.   So is he still married and does not want to be identified?   Who knows.  Kim’s vocabulary is so limited that all she does is curse at everyone including Kandi’s mother.  Bi*** is Kim’s favorite word.  Kim,  by a Thesaurus. 

The day has arrived for Kandi’s party and Kandi looks phenomenal!   Sheree could not attend, but called Kandi to offer her support.  Lisa attended and Kim………………was a no show! Of course Lisa had her opinions on this also and I would have to agree with Lisa.  Without Kandi, Tardy for the Party never would have happened, the least Kim could have done was shown up for Kand’s performance.

Kim’s ego this week maybe in competition with Nene’s.


Whole plate of Neckbones


5107_102414610779_96027060779_2532098_459357_nDwight was once again on this weeks episode.   I believe Bravo is afraid to have a show without him.  They should call this the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dwight.

 Why does Kim flaunt Big Poppa?  Didn’t Superhead aka Karrine Steffans have a Big Poppa?    Superheads Big Poppa sounds a lot like Kim’s.  Both married and support there financial habbits, unable to be seen in public with there Big Poppa’s and spends the Holiday’s withouth there Big Poppa’s.   Kim’s former manager was on a local radio station in Atlanta stating Kim was a former stripper at the Cheetah in Atlanta.  If this is true, is this where she met Big Poppa?  Come on really Kim, how can this work?  Would you want this life for your daughters?

It appears Kim gained courage when she hears herself on Tardy for the Party and thinks she sounds pretty good and no longer wants Nene on the song and tells Kandi she does not have to make arrangements with Nene to be placed on the song and she would do it herself.

Speaking of Ego’s, Sheree, Sheree, Sheree.   Her ego is bigger then Georgia and Lawrence her hairstylist feeds it by stating she looks like a hot 18-year-old.   Sheree had a nice turnout for Independence party, but it did not appear to be a party or anything to really celebrate her independence.  What did the female stripper have to do with Sheree and her independence? 

I liked Sheree’s photo, but it may be a little to large for her home, a billboard may be more appropriate.  Lawrence was there to support his girl Sheree with his Blood red fringe shirt, pink leggings and red high heel shoes! 

I have come to the conclusion that Nene had an out of body experience when she began to argue with Kim about her removal from Tardy for the party.  Did Nene really tell Kim she cannot sell the song without her?   I initially thought she was joking, but it became quite obvious she was serious.  Was Nene high or something, because Nene is straight hating!  That green from envy is not flattering on her.  No, tardy for the party will not go far, but it would not have gone great lengths with Nene either. 

I am starting to really like and respect Kandi for trying to stay neutral when necessary and then putting Nene in her place when she deserved to be put in her place.

Did Lisa start that fight with Nene and Kandi?

Real Housewives of Atlanta needs a new cast

5107_102414610779_96027060779_2532098_459357_nThis show is so dull!!!!  A show about a whole hour of nothing!

  • Sheree’s workout and bodybuilding fix up matchmaker.
  • Kim recording Tardy for the party.
  • Lisa talking about her non fashion line.
  • When did Nene become a socialite?  What is Nene’s definition of a socialite?  I really wish she stop saying that.

Nene said the Alter ego party was going to have the Who’s who of Atlanta.  Did you recognize anyone besides the RHOA or there husbands?  Kim falls and becomes the center of attention and I believe it was because the party wasn’t ish!   The rented house were the party was held wasn’t ish.  Of course Dwight was there, is anyone surprised?

This show sucks!  Atlanta is much better then this show. There are real people in Atlanta spending real money and these chicks are not invited to these events.

Where is Deshawn Snow?  She is more interesting then this.

Kim exploits her 15 minutes of fame on the Ellen show

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta

I don’t know who has been advising Kim, but she is shutting it down with the Drama.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta did the Ellen show and Kim reigned supreme.  Kim took jabs at Sheree and pulled Sheree into Kim’s world.  Sheree got got!  In other words, Sheree fell into Kim’s trap.   The entire interview was Kim Zolciak and taking on Sheree.   The other three housewives were silent.  Kim is trying to take the crown from Nene.   Check out the clip at the 1:24 mark.



The Real Housewives of Atlanta and there Real Egos.

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So many things are consistent with these women on this show.  

  • In Sheree’s mind she really is Fabulous.
  • Kim only drives White Luxury vehicles.  Her Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade and Bentley are all white.
  • Nene may be from Athens but Nene is HOOD.   You do not have to be from the hood to be hood.   Lisa is from the hood and really isn’t hood, but Lisa can be hood if necessary.
  • Kandi, with all of her bad grammar appears to be much better behaved then these other self proclaimed socialites.  These chicks continue to try to pull Kandi on there team like it is West Side story and there is going to be a fight.  However,  Kandi remains neutral with everyone.
  • Lisa is obsessed with Kim.  Lisa brings Kim up in every conversation.
  • Dwight may officially be the sixth housewife, he is on EVERY show.

I need to find the Green dress that Kandi was wearing during her confessional and the Turquoise ring she wore for the Alter Ego photo shoot.  If Kandi would not have worn that plaid dress in episode 2 she could be the Fashionista of this show.   Sheree appears to have lost her edge with her appearance.  She is falling off.